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We are a consumer consultative company specifically focused on consumer debtissues such as Itc clearance; debt review and debt review removal.

We have been involved in the fight for consumer rights for more than ten years and have followed the conception, formalization and the ultimate implementation of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 in July 2007. This was a moment of triumph for the South African consumer. We teamed up with the country's top consumer law attorneys to ensure that the consumer has access to the full benefits and protection provided by the provisions of the National Credit Act. We do not leave any stone upturned to ensure that proper procedures have been followed when listing or taking legal action against a consumer.

Our experience and contact with hundreds of consumers has revealed that many consumers believe that the itc listings against their names are justified because they were indeed behind with their payments or stopped paying altogether but what the consumer does not know is that there are procedures that creditors should follow in respect to the consumer rights before taking any legal action or listing the consumer. The general Consumer is not aware of these procedures and their rights. Therefore we encourage the consumers to contact us to challenge any unfair practices.

We have a team of dedicated and well trained consultants to attend to your matters.